Cleaning Products

“Fairy Solutions” has been created by The Cleaning Fairy to offer easy to use affordable natural home cleaning products.


We use only natural items..

    Essential oils for their fragrance and anti bacterial properties - used since the plaque to remove disease and bacteria.

    Olive oil and beeswax to feed your woodwork - used by wood turners, carpenters and joiners for wood finishing.


    Rubbing alcohol to make your glass sparkle - also known as surgical spirit, used in first aid for minor cuts.


    Bicarbonate of soda to eradicate lime scale - used in baking to aid the raising of cakes.




Anti Bacterial Spray, 500ml

£ 4.95


Floor Cleaner, 500ml

£ 4.95


Furniture Oil, 500ml

£ 6.00


Limescale Remover, 500ml

£ 6.00


Glass Cleaner                          

£ 6.50


Furniture Block                       

£ 6.00


Handcream, 100ml

£ 5.50



£ 3.00


Hydration Spray, 100ml

£ 5.00


Lip Balm

£ 3.00


Christmas Linen Spray

£ 6.00 


Hand and Body Wash

£ 6.00


Fairy Dust Bathtime

£ 4.00


Hydration Spray

£ 5.00

How to order


Please conact us by e-mail at to place your order. We currently accept payment using PayPal and delivery is free within Favershan and surrounding area.


We also have a stall as part of the Best of Faversham market each month. Why not come along and see us or visit our shop at Chulo's Naturals in Brompton, Chatham?