The joining fee to join the Babysitting Fairy is £25 for the year. This will include a personal visit to your premises, meeting you, and registering on the Babysitting books. So when you book you a childcarer for the evening there is no paperwork or questions to fill out.


If you already have another service within The Fairy Godmother then we will waive the joining fee! But we do ask you to fill out a new form each year to keep your records updated.


Every time you book a childcarer we will charge you a booking fee of £10 that must be paid in advance. This is for one booked evening only. If you cancel the booking then this fee is not refunded.


At the time of booking we will ask you to give us the times you would like a childcarer. The childcarer will arrive 10 minutes before this time for you to give them a handover and to ask questions.


The cost of the child carer is £7.00 per hour before 12pm. After 12pm this is £7.50 per hour this is payable directly to the childcarer in cash. The price is for any day of the week. If you are late home, and have not informed the childcarer in advance, then the extra hours will be charged at double rate. Please call the childcarer in advance and ask if you have permission to stay later to save the extra surcharges.


To cancel the booking we ask you to do this in advance, and no later than 24 hours notice. If less time is given we will charge you half the cost of the hours booked.


If the child carer is unavailable after booking, and we are unable to locate another carer for you, a refund of £10 will be given and we will also give you 48 hours notice.


We will try and book you the same childcarer each time, but please understand this may be difficult at time and cannot be guaranteed. However we will advise you before the evening booked. We ask you not to book the childcarer directly, and contact the office to book. This will stop confusion and helps to process the booking professionally.


So to have peace of mind please contact us for any questions you may have.